A short speech and dinner time!

Right after we got married, Mr. WV gave a short but sweet speech.


He basically thanked both our families (by each member name) for all their help and support during the preparation of the wedding – without them the day wouldn’t have been the same.


He then thanked all of our guests for being there, specially those who traveled from far away, not only from other Mexico’s cities, but also from other countries.

Then he told them that we were truly happy, that we had planned this day for about a year and that our only wish was that all of them had a good time. The party was for them and we planned it with them in mind.



And I think  that was it! After that we had a toast for our happiness!


PicMonkey Collage


Then some of our witnesses and close family came to congratulate us.


Mr. WV and his dad –  ❤


Mr. WV’s brother and little daughter


Mr. WV’s aunt


My friends looking at my new ring.

Then our DJ told everyone that this would be a good time to congratulate us. We planned this to be sort of a receiving line. I’m glad we did, we got to say hello and take photos with most of our guests  but I must admit it was a bit exhausting. The whole thing lasted for about 35 minutes but after I  was really tired and just wanted to sit down and have dinner.


Mr. WV and a friend


My long time friends, I’ve known them since we were four! You may recognize my MUA friend, the one in blue 🙂


Mr. WV with his old co-workers


Some of my college friends


One of my dearest cousins and her husband

PicMonkey Collage

Some of my mom’s friends. They’ve known me since I was a toddler, I couldn’t imagine to celebrate without them!

Then it was dinner time!


Many of our guests told us that the food was delicious. It was  pretty good, but I must admit that the one in the trial was better… oh well, I guess that happens sometimes! The only courses that were exactly the same were the appetizer and the dessert, those were sooo good!

la fotoo

I took this photo of my plate – Squash blossom soup. Good but it lacked some creaminess… is that a word?

Since we had already talked with most of our guests, almost no one interrupted our dinner, so we had the opportunity to eat, relax a bit and talk about the day so far

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg


While we were having dinner , our DJ played some of our dinner-time requests: more U2, Elvis, Credence Clearwater, Pink Floyd, Brandi Carlile, The Beatles, Travis… you know, oldies but goodies.

And then it was time for our first dance! Here we are, drinking some liquid courage, Mr. WV some red wine and me a Paloma: tequila with lime soda, love it!


Next: A first dance.



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