Time to say Adios!

I looked everywhere for some photos of the mariachi band, but could’t find any, so sorry! But well, just so you know, they played for about 45 minutes. After that, we ate some donuts, the kind we used to eat at my elementary school, and then wedding day was over. So fast, really really fast.

Anyway, I’ve truly enjoyed writing my whole wedding planning process, and also writing my recaps. This definitely was an important time in our lives, and I’m so happy that I was able to share it with you.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our Mexico City wedding and that you find our cultural differences interesting.

Thank you all so much for reading and to my fellow blogging Bees, thank you for sharing your weddings with me. I’ll sure be coming back to read all the recaps and planning that is left to do ❤

Look! I made a collage as a reminder of everything that happened:

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

PicMonkey Collage.jpg4

Mr. WV and I have been married for three months and are settling quite nice! Here is a pic of us at our first wedding as a married couple:


So this is it, time to say goodbye! Thank you so much for everything and I hope you’ll keep in touch!


Mrs. Weather Vane



Our Japanese Honeymoon: Part 4 (and Seattle!)

Last honeymoon post! The last place we visited was:


A huge city with lots of nightlife. We only stayed there a night. It is a younger city, lots of teens on the streets. Our favorite spot was the huge aquarium.

While in Osaka, I started getting a bit sick… a little sore throat, some sneezing. It turned out to be the worst flu of my life! But anyway, pics!




^ Inside the aquarium





^ This helped my sore throat a little


^ Osaka aquarium

1948165_10153918546300333_568513055_n 10013748_10153918548020333_1120131269_n


And that is it… our soymoon was over. After Osaka we spent another short night on Tokyo and then left to Seattle. By then I was feeling really bad.


While in Seattle we met Mrs. and Mr. Campfire, who were super nice and showed us around. They also took us to Terra Plata were we had some delicious dinner. The next day Mrs. Campfire took us to Westward, Theo Chocolate Factory (best chocolate ever!) and then to Walrus and the Carpenter, were we had a yummy selection of oysters.








And that is it! Trip over, so sad. What is worst, as soon as we arrived to Mexico City I had to go to the ER, I was feeling so bad. But after a course of antibiotics and about three days of bed rest I started feeling better 🙂

Our Japanese Honeymoon: Part 3


We were in Hiroshima briefly, just about five hours. We just visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. It certainly gave me the chills. I felt sadness and disbelief.  The complex features the Genbaku Dome, that is the only building that is still standing after the bomb. They chose to leave like it was as a reminder of the dead.

There is also a Children Peace Memorial. It features thousands of origami paper cranes in honor of a little girl named Sadako that died from radiation exposure. She believed that she would get better if she made 1000 paper cranes. Sadly she died before completing them.

There are many other memorials for specific groups and finally the Museum. The museum features the before and after of Hiroshima, and lots of personal objects that were recovered after the bomb. A must see.


^ On our way to Hiroshima


^ A light snack


^ Genbaku Dome


^ Walking through the Memorial Park. The far away building is the Museum



^ Colorful paper cranes at the Children Memorial


Oh Miyajima! My favorite place! It is a tiny island close to Hiroshima. You have to take a ferry to get there. It has deers, tiny streets, lots of cute shops, an amazing temple, a mountain, lovely hotels and delicious food. The perfect place for a honeymoon.



^ While Mr. WV was calling to our hotel for a pick up, a deer ate his suitcase tag and ran away!


^ Okonomiyaki


^ World’s largest rice scoop




^ Our Ryokan room. Loved it.


^ Matcha and black sesame ice creams. The black sesame one is the most delicious thing ever. We bought more.



^ Torii gate



The water that surrounds the temple disappears around noon.



^ Inside the shrine


^ The view from the top of the mountain.


^ Some green tea mushy thing filled with sweet beans



^ Soooo tasty!


I definitely recommend visiting Miyajima if you can, you won’t regret it!

Our Japanese Honeymoon: Part 2

Gosh! Writing this honeymoon posts has proven difficult. So many photos I want to share with you, so choosing just a few is giving me a headache. Originally I wanted to write  only two posts about it, but I think I’ll need… four!! Hope you don’t mind!


Kyoto is lovely. It was Mr. WV favorite place. Kyoto has a special charm, full of traditional and cultural places, tiny streets and delicious food.  It used to be the capital of Japan and has many temples and Buddhist Gardens.


^ Happy fruits at a street market



^ Kinkaku-ji: Zen Buddhist temple surrounded by gorgeous gardens. The two top stories of the building are covered with gold leaf.




^ Gion at night, known for being a geisha district.



^ Nijo Castle: Loved the tour that explains how the visitors were received based on their importance. It is surrounded by a huge garden that has many cherry blossom trees. Lovely.


^ Toilet Seat Cleaner

1907287_10153918522470333_2056132175_n 1506542_10153918522790333_187775232_n


^ Ryoan-ji: a temple with a huge Zen garden, considered to be one of the finest.


A shrimp lolly pop with gelatin texture… it was ok.


^ Everything is cute in Japan


^ Subway tickte vending machine. It is true. If you push the help button a man shows up on the tiny door on the left.


Buying some green tea ice cream

Our Japanese Honeymoon: Part 1

Wow! Sorry I went a little MIA. But I am back to tell you about our honeymoon. It was without a doubt the best trip of my life, not only because it was our honeymoon – which I think regardless of wherever you go is one of the best trips ever – but because Japan is, without discussion, the most amazing country I’ve ever been to. It has the perfect mix of modern and traditional, organized and chaotic, reserved but warm. I loved everything, but especially the people, they are just so kind and nice. Well, the people and the food, the food was great also.


Now, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of our trip. If any of you wants more info please feel free to contact me. I would like to specially thank weddingbee member MsCocoBanana and Mrs. Gondola for all their tips. Here are my own tips that I share with you:


  • Buy a Japan Rail Pass: This pass allows you to take almost every transport of the JR Line – shinkansen (bullet trains) regular trains, buses, monorail and the ferry to Miyajima. You order it online and it arrives via FedEx.  You can buy it for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on how long you will stay there. In Japan all you have to do is activate it on any office of JR and that’s it! You can travel all day and all night if you want to.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and good socks: You will walk a LOT. And you don’t know where you will need to take your shoes off, so better be prepared.
  • Buy delicious and cheap snacks at 7 eleven or similar stores. We used to buy lots of onigiris, sandwiches,  sushi rolls and  baked goods almost everyday. Pack them on your backpack and you are all set for when hunger strikes.
  • Try the beverages and ice cream of the vending machines, you’ll find them everywhere and they are goood!
  • Drink whatever you want without worries, there are bathrooms everywhere, most of them in perfect and clean conditions. And if you are lucky you’ll find some with warm seats and music.
  • Buy stationery and paper goods, they are all so pretty.
  • Try a traditional japanese breakfast. We loved having gohan, fish and squared eggs.
  • Stay at a Ryokan (traditional hotel) at least a couple of nights, we loved the experience.
  • Buy baked goods. I ordered everything matcha, I love the flavor. There are bakeries everywhere, for example at subway stations. Some of them offer discounts on the evening/nights.


  • Expect your hotel room to be big, most of the hotels have really tiny tiny tiny rooms.
  • Take taxis. I mean, try to avoid them. The service is great and the drivers are super nice, but they are expensive.
  • Take public transportation on rush our if you can avoid it, it is more comfortable to travel at other hours.
  • Tip. Really! You don’t have to tip anywhere, which is great expense – wise.
  • Be afraid of the language. Well, I was a bit, but the people are so kind and helpful that you won’t have any trouble.

Oh how I loved it. I hope we can visit again in the near future. And now I’ll share with you some random photos of our time in Tokyo. Most of them of food! Sorry! In my next post I’ll share with you our photos from Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyayima and Osaka.


1173803_10153918512445333_1925595561_n 1382188_10153918515585333_1638559974_n 1959428_10153918513910333_1123166053_n 1383514_10153918517805333_1222953081_n

Our meal on the bullet train


With Hachiko

10152624_10153918510210333_303238340_n 1921923_10153918511970333_1009500841_n

Practicing my japanese post

10001309_10153918509775333_1203823729_n 10154140_10153918513390333_803022621_n

Our bathroom with warm seat

1098507_10153918510645333_1490561565_n 1554433_10153918514005333_1110165306_n

1960125_10153918515140333_2139843371_n 1098061_10153918509685333_1407940349_n 1485109_10153918511245333_275074537_n

Japanese Breakfast

1511065_10153918514355333_839204867_n 1512408_10153918512710333_1725944295_n

The best sandwiches ever! I tried every flavor available!


We Instagram’d

Weirdly enough, photography wasn’t really important for us. In fact, we only met once, for an hour, two days before our wedding with our friendor photographer, ooops! And it was his first wedding! We just wanted a record – photos that showed what happened, how happy we were and the people we were with. Photos with our guests were the most important,and of that, we got plenty! I hope we don’t regret this in the future (you know? not handing him a list with must have shots or artsy angles), but for now, we are really happy with what we got, and we’ve had a great time showing them to our friends and family. They all love reliving those moments!

But still, I wanted to see some pics from the point of view of our guests. That is why I created some Instagram cards. We put them on the tables of the younger guests with the instruction to use an specific hashtag.


Then, I created an IFTTT account. Whenever someone uploaded a photo with that hashtag, it would turn up on a private facebook group that I created, where only Mr. WV and I are members. This way the photos are super accessible for both of us to show around.

Here are some of my favorite guest photos:






1654444_10153871016200333_1264767266_n 1798675_10153866120915333_1303650727_n 1959937_10153866050900333_502842902_n 10013178_10153866051290333_1463719513_n 1507931_10153866460570333_1838775273_n 1620648_10153866541755333_618780511_n 1653784_10153866050705333_538400674_n 1779712_10153866050525333_1901865592_n 1911670_10153871016110333_181678906_n 10006913_10153866305160333_302577187_n 75969_10153866305335333_2125333640_n 1549443_10153866218940333_1683053583_n 1896826_10153867658215333_1478769202_n 1926761_10153866120740333_1372824636_n 1901169_10153866219255333_498028935_n 1779157_10153867657770333_1974725906_n

I definitely recommend using social networks and hashtags. We had a great time the morning after the wedding looking at all those pics. In the end we have more than a 100 extra photos from the point of view of our guests, and I love each and everyone of them. So if you are on the fence, I would say do it! Take advantage of living in the 21st century! 🙂


Some tossin’ and some cuttin’

After lots of dancing it was time to toss some stuff and cut our cakes. It was around 1 am, so most of our guest were still there.

When we met our DJ, I told him a was a huge Elvis fan, and he casually told us that one of his friends was making him an Elvis costume. So random! I told him that if he ever wanted to wear it to a wedding, this was IT… and so he did! I loved it!

First we cut our cakes. I still can not fathom why we didn’t planned this with him. So what happened was this:


We stood in front of everybody with the cakes in front of us, we cut them and that was it! Ha ha! No cute cake feeding or anything at all!  So please, plan this ahead with your emcee.



Next came the garter toss.


Checking the garter is in position

I don’t know about other places, but in Mexico City it is custom that everybody, married or single, gets up for the tosses (well, the older folks don’t do it). Generally this would be the moment to do La Vibora de la Mar, but after a lot of thinking about it we chose not to have it. Instead, the guests had to “work” for the garter/bouquet. This means that they had to dance a little before we threw anything.

Mr. WV chose “Sex on the Beach” since it is a song he and his friends love. They’ve been to at least three bachelor parties in Miami (Mr. WV had his there also) and apparently that song is a staple on each of those parties.



Mr. WV looking for it





And the winner is… Mr. WV’s elementary school friend that came all the way from Cancun!

Next it was my turn. I grabbed my throwing bouquet, which was smaller and more colorful than my first bouquet.  The song I chose for my friends to dance was Two Times by Ann Lee. Tup tu-ru-ru-ru-ru, tup tu-ru-ru-ru-ru…


Hahaha! He dressed like Elvis! Gotta love him!




And the winner is…my college friend! So happy she got it!

So that was it. Overall we really enjoyed this part of the party, so I encourage you to do it. Fun times!


After this our main coordinator and our photographer left. We still had about two more hours of dancing and then the mariachi band… I’m looking everywhere to see if I can find a photo of them, wish me luck!


Party time!

After our first dance the dance floor was opened and it was packed in no time. Most of our guests love to dance, and I think it is an accurate representation of the mexican culture. Whenever there’s music, people want to get up. 

We danced and danced. Actually I regret this a bit. I wish I hadn’t danced so much, instead I wish I had talked a bit more with our guests – I mean, I was having so much fun, but I feel like I should’ve interacted more with them. 

The DJ played Big Band, Rock and Roll, Salsa, Cumbia, Norteño, 70’s and 80’s hits and some actual pop music. The dance floor was never empty – here is a short video so you can see how it looked during the party:

Here are some dance floor shots:








A popular thing in mexican weddings is to give props to your guests – little trinkets that go with the music they are playing at that moment. For example, when it was Rock and Roll time, they gave us little guitars, microphones and sunglasses. They do make the dancing more fun, and I must say, easier, since even if you don’t know how to dance you can wave your balloon or play with your hat and it will appear that you know what you are doing. 


Some of the things they gave us were: balloons in different shapes: long skinny ones, guitars, microphones, trumpets…





Funky wigs


Shiny necklaces


Hats! Colorful ones…


I was super disappointed – the hat didn’t fit because of my ponytail! 

…and straw ones.


And some silly headbands



Oh, great times! Too bad they were over so fast.



….”can’t take my eyes off you”…


Next: We toss some stuff!




Our Cakes and Candy Table

Here! Take a look at our cakes!




No matter all my efforts to plan ahead and prepare for the cakes, when the time came I was clueless as to how I wanted them decorated. I didn’t had any problems with the baking, cooling and filling times, but when all that was done, I had no idea what to do next!

I had the tiny sugar flowers and the cake toppers,  but that was it. So I did what anyone in my place would do. Sat down, ate a bowl of ice cream and when it was really really late (midnight late) I began decorating them.


As previously planned, we had three cakes: a three tier one (white cake with lemon curd and cream cheese frosting) a two tier one (coffee cake with chocolate freckles, filled and covered with chocolate ganache) and a one tier cake (originally supposed to be red velvet, but Mr. WV requested it to be a banana cake with brown sugar buttercream).


I can´t tell that I’m super happy with how they turned out, I know I could have done much better, but considering all the time I loss while eating ice cream and watching movies, I think they turned out ok!

I obviously used our colors: navy, coral, white and gold, and I also tried to incorporate the flower theme on all of them.


The two tier one was my favorite, I just loved that cake topper with our initials and the sparkly heart.


And overall I think they looked pretty cute on their table, which was decorated with a navy linen, some crystals, paper flowers and of course candles.


But what is most important, is that they were good! All the guests ate their slices and enjoyed them! Yum!

Here some shots of our candy/snacks table. As a reminder, I individually wrapped all the candy, so they also served as favors.





The table looked beautiful and by the time the wedding was over all the candy was gone, so success!

And now, just a quick how-I-did-it.

The days before the wedding I wrapped and labeled all the candy.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Then I put everything on their containers and set a mock-up table.





I added little banners with the name of each candy.

P1050953 P1050952 P1050951

Then, I covered all the containers with clear wrap and store them in plastic boxes. All the extra candy that didn’t fit on the containers was securely stored in a separate transparent box.

I printed all this photos and gave them to my coordinator, so she had an idea of how I wanted things arranged in the table. Of course, they looked a bit different since she actually used three different tables with different heights, and also added some flower arrangements.

The day of the wedding all her team had to do was unwrap all the containers and set them in positions similar to those on the photos.

So there you have it, my DIY candy and snacks table.

Next: the party really starts, mexican style!


A first dance

I’ve just realized I was mistaken on my last post. I didn’t removed the strap of my dress or added the feathers to my hairpiece until after the first dance! Sorry! Ok, now, lets continue.

While our guests were having their last dessert bites, our DJ announced it was time for our first dance!

You know that I am a HUGE Elvis fan, so naturally, our first dance was one of his songs. I chose The Wonder of You (another strong contender was Let It Be Me, also a beautiful song). I just love it, and the lyrics are so sweet and really close to how we feel so it was definitely the perfect song for us.




You know something is about to happen when the smoke is released!

When no-one else can understand me
When everything I do is wrong

You give me hope and consolation
You give me strength to carry on

And you’re always there to lend a hand
In everything I do

That’s the wonder
The wonder of you

And when you smile the world is brighter
You touch my hand and I’m a king

Your kiss to me is worth a fortune
Your love for me is everything

I’ll guess I’ll never know the reason why
You love me like you do

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg
That’s the wonder
The wonder of you



Originally we tried to rehearse or at least plan some of our dance moves, but we never got to it, and I think it shows! We look so awkward! But we certainly did our best! And I think we mostly enjoyed it, that’s what matters, right? Right?

Here is a video from our DJ… so weird!

So my advice would be to dance your song at least a couple of times! And don’t talk so much! For what I see in the video I couldn’t keep my mouth shut during the whole song!

When our dance was over, the party started. At first almost no one got up, I think they were expecting a father-daughter dance, but luckily after a few seconds the DJ announced that the dance floor was opened and then the guests quickly walked to where we were. Party mode: ON!

Next: A look at our cakes and candy table.