We get married!

After  making our grand entrance, we stood in front of the judge, who was ready to perform the civil ceremony. We chose to get married in the middle of our venue, at the dance floor, actually. We had the option to get married in a garden of the ex-convent, but it was an added expense and besides, the place was a bit small, so not all of our guests could be present. Since this was the only ceremony we’ll be having, we chose to do it right there.


A civil ceremony is very simple and a bit technical.  First, the judge told us that he had received a marriage application, and asked us if it was our will to get married. We of course answered yes. Then he asked the audience if everyone knew of a reason this marriage could not be realized, no one had a reason, so he then told us what was expected from us as a married couple, our rights and obligations, all of this according to Mexico City’s law.


Then we got to sign and fingerprint our marriage certificate. As a side note: Mexico city allows same sex marriages since 2010, so when you apply for a marriage certificate, they have three types: him and her, her and her and him and him.

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg


After we signed, it was time for our witnesses. Some time ago witnesses were a requirement, now they are just symbolic and you can easily get married without them. But we chose to have some of our most important people to sign. In total we had 20 witnesses! Ten for each one of us.

PicMonkey Collage

After all our witnesses had signed, the judge told us it was time to exchange rings. This of course is not legal and is purely symbolic, since it has not real value according to the civil laws, but we wanted to do it and the judge was more than happy.

IMG_8247 IMG_8252

And that was it! The judge told us that according to Mexico City’s law we were now married and he wished us the best! So fast! The whole ceremony took about 20 minutes.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg



Just married!

Next: A quick but sweet toast by Mr. WV!



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