A short speech and dinner time!

Right after we got married, Mr. WV gave a short but sweet speech.


He basically thanked both our families (by each member name) for all their help and support during the preparation of the wedding – without them the day wouldn’t have been the same.


He then thanked all of our guests for being there, specially those who traveled from far away, not only from other Mexico’s cities, but also from other countries.

Then he told them that we were truly happy, that we had planned this day for about a year and that our only wish was that all of them had a good time. The party was for them and we planned it with them in mind.



And I think  that was it! After that we had a toast for our happiness!


PicMonkey Collage


Then some of our witnesses and close family came to congratulate us.


Mr. WV and his dad –  ❤


Mr. WV’s brother and little daughter


Mr. WV’s aunt


My friends looking at my new ring.

Then our DJ told everyone that this would be a good time to congratulate us. We planned this to be sort of a receiving line. I’m glad we did, we got to say hello and take photos with most of our guests  but I must admit it was a bit exhausting. The whole thing lasted for about 35 minutes but after I  was really tired and just wanted to sit down and have dinner.


Mr. WV and a friend


My long time friends, I’ve known them since we were four! You may recognize my MUA friend, the one in blue 🙂


Mr. WV with his old co-workers


Some of my college friends


One of my dearest cousins and her husband

PicMonkey Collage

Some of my mom’s friends. They’ve known me since I was a toddler, I couldn’t imagine to celebrate without them!

Then it was dinner time!


Many of our guests told us that the food was delicious. It was  pretty good, but I must admit that the one in the trial was better… oh well, I guess that happens sometimes! The only courses that were exactly the same were the appetizer and the dessert, those were sooo good!

la fotoo

I took this photo of my plate – Squash blossom soup. Good but it lacked some creaminess… is that a word?

Since we had already talked with most of our guests, almost no one interrupted our dinner, so we had the opportunity to eat, relax a bit and talk about the day so far

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg


While we were having dinner , our DJ played some of our dinner-time requests: more U2, Elvis, Credence Clearwater, Pink Floyd, Brandi Carlile, The Beatles, Travis… you know, oldies but goodies.

And then it was time for our first dance! Here we are, drinking some liquid courage, Mr. WV some red wine and me a Paloma: tequila with lime soda, love it!


Next: A first dance.



We get married!

After  making our grand entrance, we stood in front of the judge, who was ready to perform the civil ceremony. We chose to get married in the middle of our venue, at the dance floor, actually. We had the option to get married in a garden of the ex-convent, but it was an added expense and besides, the place was a bit small, so not all of our guests could be present. Since this was the only ceremony we’ll be having, we chose to do it right there.


A civil ceremony is very simple and a bit technical.  First, the judge told us that he had received a marriage application, and asked us if it was our will to get married. We of course answered yes. Then he asked the audience if everyone knew of a reason this marriage could not be realized, no one had a reason, so he then told us what was expected from us as a married couple, our rights and obligations, all of this according to Mexico City’s law.


Then we got to sign and fingerprint our marriage certificate. As a side note: Mexico city allows same sex marriages since 2010, so when you apply for a marriage certificate, they have three types: him and her, her and her and him and him.

PicMonkey Collage3.jpg


After we signed, it was time for our witnesses. Some time ago witnesses were a requirement, now they are just symbolic and you can easily get married without them. But we chose to have some of our most important people to sign. In total we had 20 witnesses! Ten for each one of us.

PicMonkey Collage

After all our witnesses had signed, the judge told us it was time to exchange rings. This of course is not legal and is purely symbolic, since it has not real value according to the civil laws, but we wanted to do it and the judge was more than happy.

IMG_8247 IMG_8252

And that was it! The judge told us that according to Mexico City’s law we were now married and he wished us the best! So fast! The whole ceremony took about 20 minutes.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg



Just married!

Next: A quick but sweet toast by Mr. WV!


We make an entrance

After  hiding for about half an hour, we walked quickly through the back side of the venue. There, we took an elevator which led us to the second floor. I took advantage of the opportunity and snapped a super blurry shot of our view:


And then the music started playing. We chose City of Blinding Lights by U2 to make our grand entrance. Well, Mr. W. picked it, but I must admit now I get the chills whenever I listen to it.


The doors were opened. Check out the tile work on the stairs. So pretty.


Mr. W and I decided to walk together, no one giving me away. Our families were waiting for us at the ceremony spot, but it was just Mr. W and me side by side.

We walked down the stairs really slow. There were candles on each side so we had to be careful not to knock them, plus I was wearing the dress and I didn’t want to step on it.  Unfortunately at this precise moment our photographer’s flash decided not to cooperate, so we have just this two pics.



When we were down the stairs, we had to walk through the tables so we could get to the dance floor, where the judge table was. I was channeling my inner Kate Middleton -I was waving like crazy! But I was just so happy. And people were clapping and shouting at us and I felt in cloud 9!

We didn’t hire a videographer, but luckily our DJ took some videos. Here is one from our entrance. Be patient! Remember we were walking down those stairs real slow!

Finally we arrived to where the judge was. Time to get serious!


Next: we get married!



We take some more family photos and then go into hiding

By now we were running really late. It was around 8 o’clock and our guests would start arriving at 8:15, but we still needed to take some more family portraits. Mr. W parents were already there, so we begun.

First a couple more pics of Mr. WV and me.

PicMonkey Collage

Then our families. Too bad both of Mr. W siblings were stuck in traffic… luckily we were able to take some pics with his brother later on, and with his sister after the ceremony (which I will post later)








My brother and me


Mr. W brother, sister in law and little niece.

 After our family portraits, Mr. W and I went into hiding. And then the doors opened and all the guests entered. From what I hear, this was a bit chaotic, since most of them arrived at once. The girl on the reception had a hard time telling them which table to seat in, and she had to work fast, which was a bummer because most of our guests didn’t get to sign our balloon-guest-poster (we have a BBQ this weekend where most of our friends will be. We are thinking we will carry our poster and them to sign!)


Our guests waiting for their tables to be assigned.

While our guests munched on some delicious canapes: tiny flautas, mini sopes, quesadillitas – Mr. W and I took some more photos. By now we were a bit more relaxed, and Omar told us to act normal and pretend he wasn’t there, so we did. This photos where taken on the back side of the building. I like this part of the building because you can really appreciate how old the construction is. I find it beautiful.



PicMonkey Collage.jpg


On this pic you can see how I wore my bees. They where on my dress! Too bad that precisely on this photo my back-fat had to make an appearance! Uggg!


Here is another shot:



At last moment, Mr. W lifetime friends sneak to where we were hiding. We were able to take some photos with them:




This last photo is funny. Our friends from the outside where keeping us posted on what was happening, hence, Mr. W and me are glued to our phones… oops!

And then, our coordinator told us the judge had arrived. It was time to get married!




We arrive to our venue

By now we were running a bit late. We were supposed to be at our venue at 7 pm, but we arrived at 7:30.  Everything was already set up, and we got to have the first look.

I want to share with you the plan of the site, so you get a better idea of how everything was arranged. (On this post, besides the photos by our photographer Omar Zeron and from family, I also used some photos taken by our wedding coordinator, via MiBoda)


Acceso Al Recinto: Entrance

Novios: Sweetheart table

Area de Baile: Dance floor / Ceremony Space

And in the center is the fountain, which is typical of colonial buildings such as this.  The yellow squares are columns.

Upon entering, our guests would walk through an aisle with candles on both sides.


Then they would see the cocktail table. There they were offered either colored martinis, mojitos or strawberry water (which my coordinator chose so it would match our wedding colors, she’s great!) (On the right you can see the stairs we used later to make our grand entrance.)







Then came the actual party setting. If you remember, we chose to have striped linens alternating with plain navy linens. We also had candles hanging from the ceiling and in the columns.  At this point the lights from the upper part of the building were still on, but when the party started they turned them off, so the lighting was pretty much all candle light.




The fountain looked AMAZING! The candles really add a nice touch. On the fountain alone we had 150 candles.





Our sweetheart table was huge, which make it look great. It was decorated with coral and white flowers, wine bottles and of course, some extra candles. On the back of our table we had a crystal curtain which reflected light beautifully.





Our seats, with the cardboard letters I previously covered in coral washi tape


Our place settings were beautiful as well. Packed with crystals – it’s good to be the bride and groom!



On the last photo you can take a peek at our cakes, more photos to come on a later post!

I loved how everything came together. The place is big, so it didn’t looked crowded or saturated, which at some point I feared. I believe it is really hard to photograph candle light, but these pics are pretty close to what we experienced.

Next, we take some more portraits…


A first look, some quick portraits and last minute packing

While I was getting dressed, Mr. W arrived with our good friend C. They were all set and ready to go. They arrived just in time to get some photos taken. This was also the moment of our first look: me, walking down the stairs, and he looking at me. My mom later told me that she will never forget his face, she says his mouth dropped! Ha ha, sadly I don’t remember that at all! This photo was taken a few moments after:


Then we took some portraits.To be honest, we didn’t really planned this photos, so we just went with the flow. We took some on my parents garden. This part was difficult, I find it hard to smile and pose when told to, but I did my best. By now, the sun was setting and the night was quickly approaching.



PicMonkey Collage3


 After our couple portraits were done, Omar took some quick pics of us with my family.

IMG_8014PicMonkey Collage2


And here is a pic of my dress… too bad it was already night! Time really does fly on your wedding day!


And here is a close-up of the bouquet


When the photos were all done, I figured it was time to add the cake toppers to our cakes. I had to wait until last moment, because the cakes didn’t fit on the fridge with the toppers on.


While I was doing that, everyone else packed everything: the bouquets, the thank-you cards, the donuts for the midnight snacks… And finally we were ready to go!!

My brother left in his car with his two friends, my parents left on the van with my cousin and my uncle, and Mr. W and me left in his car, with our friend C as a driver. Here is a selfie – you can see a cake peeking in the back.


We were on our way!


Wedding day is here!

The day of the wedding I woke up around 9 am, and went to have breakfast with my mom and an out of town cousin who was staying with us. We chose mexican breakfast, and while they had chilaquiles and enchiladas, I opted for something a bit lighter – some yummy cheese quesadillas.  

After breakfast, we went back to my parents house to relax a bit. I also got everything that I needed later that day ready: my cardigan, the garters, cake toppers, etc. 

At exactly 1 pm we were at the salon where I had my hair appointment. Now, despite seeing and loving all the “getting ready” pics on weddingbee and all around the web, I didn’t even considered having mine taken. For me getting ready is not that interesting or special, but luckily, for blogging purposes, my cousin took some. 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

At 3 o’clock we where back in my parents house, and at 3:30 pm my dear friend M arrived to begin with our make-up session. First was my mom’s turn.


While my mom was getting prettier, my dear friend T arrived with the flowers: the bouquets, the boutonnieres and the car arrangement. They turned out beautiful.

PicMonkey Collage1.jpg

And finally, it was my turn. M did such a great job, I felt pretty. And I LOVED my lip color. In some photos it looks bright pink, but in real life it was definitely more coralish.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg 1959561_267236043438617_2020092256_n.jpg

It was already 5:30 pm when our photographer arrived. He was able to take some pics of me getting my make up done.



PicMonkey Collage


When I was finished, I quickly ran upstairs to get dressed. Of this part I have no photos, but don’t worry, plenty of photos of me on my dress will come.


Let the Weather Vane’s Recaps Begin!

Hello bees! I’ve missed you! It’s been a month since our wedding, perfect time to begin our wedding recaps.

I’m ashamed to say, but the day before the wedding and some parts of wedding day are a bit of a blur. I don’t know why, since to be honest I felt relaxed and in control all the time. Maybe writing about that day will help me remember more details.

What I do remember is how happy we where. We couldn’t stop smiling. It’s pretty amazing to feel so much love and joy from the people around you.  To me, the day was perfect, and the only thing I would change would be to pay more attention to everything. It just went so fast, and I wish I could’ve captured more details on my mind. Before I knew it, the day was over.


As a reminder, these are some details of our wedding:

  • We got married in downtown Mexico City
  • Our venue is an ex-convent, founded in 1573, and it is an Historical Monument of the Nation
  • We chose a mostly traditional, non-religious wedding
  • Our colors where navy, white and coral, with some metallic accents. We used lots of stripes and flowers.
  • I made all our stationery, packed the candy for the candy buffet and baked our cakes
  • We had 250 guests
  • We had a formal seat down dinner, followed by dancing.

From this point on, all photos with the “Omar Zeron” logo are by our fabulous friendor photographer, Omar Zeron Fotografía. The ones that don’t have the logo are from friends and family.

So, let’s get these recaps going!

Caking For A Wedding 101

So, today is thursday, that means, baking-day for my wedding! While my cakes are in the oven, I thought I’ll share with you some quick tips that may help you in case you are planning on baking your own wedding cake. 

1. If you are planning on making sugar decorations, make them at least two weeks in advance. Originally I had planned to make my sugar flowers a month before the wedding. But then I got lazy. Finally I made them on tuesday, but since I had so little time left I couldn’t make them as detailed as I wanted. I had to settle with some simple flowers, that I think are really beautiful, but not what I had in mind. So, make them in advance and store them in a dry place.


2. Get your cake boards ready a week in advance. Sometimes you have to cut your boards so they are the exact size as your cake pan, so this will be a good time to get that out of the way. Also, if you plan on covering your main cake board with fondant do it now. This will give it time for it to dry completely. 


3. Two days in advance, get your pans and dry ingredients ready. I always prepare my pans not only with grease and flour, but also with waxed paper. So I have to cut the paper to fit each cake pan. This is a lot of work but this way my cakes never ever  get stuck. 


When I have a large order, I always measure my dry ingredients before baking day. This saves a lot of time. Dry ingredients are flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt. I measure them and store them in clean plastic bags (or bowls). Make sure to mark the contents of each bag/bowl!


4. Make your frostings and fillings a day in advance. For example, I made my lemon curd yesterday. I would also have made my cream cheese frosting yesterday but I hate working with cold frosting, so I’m making it today. But you can make it in advance and get them out of the fridge early in the morning so they get to room temperature while you are baking. 

5. Bake day! (Two days before your wedding) Turn your oven on, measure your other ingredients (butter, milk, extracts) and start mixing your cake batter. You will be over pretty fast, and that is great since you need your cakes to cool completely so you can start filling them and covering with fondant. It is really important that you cover them the same day, so the moisture stays. If you are not able, cover your cakes with foil during night. 

And that is it. This “timeline” works great if you are planning on having your cakes covered in fondant. If you plan on having them covered in buttercream, I recommend you bake them the day before, or even the same day. I just hate dry cake! Fondant will lock in the moisture, so I don’t have to worry about my cakes getting dry, but you might want to take that in consideration in case you plan on having them covered with buttercream or other icing.

Oh! my timer is calling! Time to get some cakes out of the oven. I’ll try to post some pics of my progress later on the day! If not, tomorrow I’ll give you a quick peek of the cakes! 🙂

A Fancy Pony and Some Random Stationery

Time for my hair trial!  Since I am so comfortable wearing pony tails, I chose to wear one on my wedding day.

Here is the scary before:


I have so much hair, and it is long, straight and heavy, so it is hard for me to wear curls since they only last a couple of hours, and any other up-do ends with me having a headache. So this was the perfect solution.  Here is how I’ll be wearing it.


I am really pleased with how it turned out. It feels comfy but at the same time I think that it looks elegant enough for a wedding.

In other news, here are some of my latest projects stationery wise:

1. Thank-you-for-coming cards… well, actually this are the envelopes, the tiny cards are already inside, with a handwritten personalized message.

For the envelopes I used washi tape (definitely one of my favorite tools during the whole wedding planning) and my best fake calligraphy which didn’t turned out as well as I wanted, but, oh well!


Our coordinator will deliver these cards to our guests during dinner.

2. Menus. Originally I wanted to print one menu per person, but then I thought about all the trash they would become and how expensive that would be. So I chose to print only one per table. They are 7″ squares, printed in glossy cardboard.


I bought some little stands, like the ones that hold dishes at your grandma’s house, and painted them white.


And this is how the menus will look on the tables.


3. Table numbers. Again, I printed these in cardboard and after cutting them, I glued them together using some double-side tape. At first I used Spray Mount, but that was a mess. I love Spray Mount, but it works better when you are gluing a smaller piece into a bigger one.


And here is how they would look like on the wedding day (this is the sample I brought the day they showed me the table decorations).


And that’s it. I believe that I’m finally over doing printed stuff. What a relief!