Our Japanese Honeymoon: Part 1

Wow! Sorry I went a little MIA. But I am back to tell you about our honeymoon. It was without a doubt the best trip of my life, not only because it was our honeymoon – which I think regardless of wherever you go is one of the best trips ever – but because Japan is, without discussion, the most amazing country I’ve ever been to. It has the perfect mix of modern and traditional, organized and chaotic, reserved but warm. I loved everything, but especially the people, they are just so kind and nice. Well, the people and the food, the food was great also.


Now, I don’t want to bore you with all the details of our trip. If any of you wants more info please feel free to contact me. I would like to specially thank weddingbee member MsCocoBanana and Mrs. Gondola for all their tips. Here are my own tips that I share with you:


  • Buy a Japan Rail Pass: This pass allows you to take almost every transport of the JR Line – shinkansen (bullet trains) regular trains, buses, monorail and the ferry to Miyajima. You order it online and it arrives via FedEx.  You can buy it for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on how long you will stay there. In Japan all you have to do is activate it on any office of JR and that’s it! You can travel all day and all night if you want to.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and good socks: You will walk a LOT. And you don’t know where you will need to take your shoes off, so better be prepared.
  • Buy delicious and cheap snacks at 7 eleven or similar stores. We used to buy lots of onigiris, sandwiches,  sushi rolls and  baked goods almost everyday. Pack them on your backpack and you are all set for when hunger strikes.
  • Try the beverages and ice cream of the vending machines, you’ll find them everywhere and they are goood!
  • Drink whatever you want without worries, there are bathrooms everywhere, most of them in perfect and clean conditions. And if you are lucky you’ll find some with warm seats and music.
  • Buy stationery and paper goods, they are all so pretty.
  • Try a traditional japanese breakfast. We loved having gohan, fish and squared eggs.
  • Stay at a Ryokan (traditional hotel) at least a couple of nights, we loved the experience.
  • Buy baked goods. I ordered everything matcha, I love the flavor. There are bakeries everywhere, for example at subway stations. Some of them offer discounts on the evening/nights.


  • Expect your hotel room to be big, most of the hotels have really tiny tiny tiny rooms.
  • Take taxis. I mean, try to avoid them. The service is great and the drivers are super nice, but they are expensive.
  • Take public transportation on rush our if you can avoid it, it is more comfortable to travel at other hours.
  • Tip. Really! You don’t have to tip anywhere, which is great expense – wise.
  • Be afraid of the language. Well, I was a bit, but the people are so kind and helpful that you won’t have any trouble.

Oh how I loved it. I hope we can visit again in the near future. And now I’ll share with you some random photos of our time in Tokyo. Most of them of food! Sorry! In my next post I’ll share with you our photos from Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyayima and Osaka.


1173803_10153918512445333_1925595561_n 1382188_10153918515585333_1638559974_n 1959428_10153918513910333_1123166053_n 1383514_10153918517805333_1222953081_n

Our meal on the bullet train


With Hachiko

10152624_10153918510210333_303238340_n 1921923_10153918511970333_1009500841_n

Practicing my japanese post

10001309_10153918509775333_1203823729_n 10154140_10153918513390333_803022621_n

Our bathroom with warm seat

1098507_10153918510645333_1490561565_n 1554433_10153918514005333_1110165306_n

1960125_10153918515140333_2139843371_n 1098061_10153918509685333_1407940349_n 1485109_10153918511245333_275074537_n

Japanese Breakfast

1511065_10153918514355333_839204867_n 1512408_10153918512710333_1725944295_n

The best sandwiches ever! I tried every flavor available!



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