We Instagram’d

Weirdly enough, photography wasn’t really important for us. In fact, we only met once, for an hour, two days before our wedding with our friendor photographer, ooops! And it was his first wedding! We just wanted a record – photos that showed what happened, how happy we were and the people we were with. Photos with our guests were the most important,and of that, we got plenty! I hope we don’t regret this in the future (you know? not handing him a list with must have shots or artsy angles), but for now, we are really happy with what we got, and we’ve had a great time showing them to our friends and family. They all love reliving those moments!

But still, I wanted to see some pics from the point of view of our guests. That is why I created some Instagram cards. We put them on the tables of the younger guests with the instruction to use an specific hashtag.


Then, I created an IFTTT account. Whenever someone uploaded a photo with that hashtag, it would turn up on a private facebook group that I created, where only Mr. WV and I are members. This way the photos are super accessible for both of us to show around.

Here are some of my favorite guest photos:






1654444_10153871016200333_1264767266_n 1798675_10153866120915333_1303650727_n 1959937_10153866050900333_502842902_n 10013178_10153866051290333_1463719513_n 1507931_10153866460570333_1838775273_n 1620648_10153866541755333_618780511_n 1653784_10153866050705333_538400674_n 1779712_10153866050525333_1901865592_n 1911670_10153871016110333_181678906_n 10006913_10153866305160333_302577187_n 75969_10153866305335333_2125333640_n 1549443_10153866218940333_1683053583_n 1896826_10153867658215333_1478769202_n 1926761_10153866120740333_1372824636_n 1901169_10153866219255333_498028935_n 1779157_10153867657770333_1974725906_n

I definitely recommend using social networks and hashtags. We had a great time the morning after the wedding looking at all those pics. In the end we have more than a 100 extra photos from the point of view of our guests, and I love each and everyone of them. So if you are on the fence, I would say do it! Take advantage of living in the 21st century! 🙂



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