We make an entrance

After  hiding for about half an hour, we walked quickly through the back side of the venue. There, we took an elevator which led us to the second floor. I took advantage of the opportunity and snapped a super blurry shot of our view:


And then the music started playing. We chose City of Blinding Lights by U2 to make our grand entrance. Well, Mr. W. picked it, but I must admit now I get the chills whenever I listen to it.


The doors were opened. Check out the tile work on the stairs. So pretty.


Mr. W and I decided to walk together, no one giving me away. Our families were waiting for us at the ceremony spot, but it was just Mr. W and me side by side.

We walked down the stairs really slow. There were candles on each side so we had to be careful not to knock them, plus I was wearing the dress and I didn’t want to step on it.  Unfortunately at this precise moment our photographer’s flash decided not to cooperate, so we have just this two pics.



When we were down the stairs, we had to walk through the tables so we could get to the dance floor, where the judge table was. I was channeling my inner Kate Middleton -I was waving like crazy! But I was just so happy. And people were clapping and shouting at us and I felt in cloud 9!

We didn’t hire a videographer, but luckily our DJ took some videos. Here is one from our entrance. Be patient! Remember we were walking down those stairs real slow!

Finally we arrived to where the judge was. Time to get serious!


Next: we get married!




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