We take some more family photos and then go into hiding

By now we were running really late. It was around 8 o’clock and our guests would start arriving at 8:15, but we still needed to take some more family portraits. Mr. W parents were already there, so we begun.

First a couple more pics of Mr. WV and me.

PicMonkey Collage

Then our families. Too bad both of Mr. W siblings were stuck in traffic… luckily we were able to take some pics with his brother later on, and with his sister after the ceremony (which I will post later)








My brother and me


Mr. W brother, sister in law and little niece.

 After our family portraits, Mr. W and I went into hiding. And then the doors opened and all the guests entered. From what I hear, this was a bit chaotic, since most of them arrived at once. The girl on the reception had a hard time telling them which table to seat in, and she had to work fast, which was a bummer because most of our guests didn’t get to sign our balloon-guest-poster (we have a BBQ this weekend where most of our friends will be. We are thinking we will carry our poster and them to sign!)


Our guests waiting for their tables to be assigned.

While our guests munched on some delicious canapes: tiny flautas, mini sopes, quesadillitas – Mr. W and I took some more photos. By now we were a bit more relaxed, and Omar told us to act normal and pretend he wasn’t there, so we did. This photos where taken on the back side of the building. I like this part of the building because you can really appreciate how old the construction is. I find it beautiful.



PicMonkey Collage.jpg


On this pic you can see how I wore my bees. They where on my dress! Too bad that precisely on this photo my back-fat had to make an appearance! Uggg!


Here is another shot:



At last moment, Mr. W lifetime friends sneak to where we were hiding. We were able to take some photos with them:




This last photo is funny. Our friends from the outside where keeping us posted on what was happening, hence, Mr. W and me are glued to our phones… oops!

And then, our coordinator told us the judge had arrived. It was time to get married!





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