A first look, some quick portraits and last minute packing

While I was getting dressed, Mr. W arrived with our good friend C. They were all set and ready to go. They arrived just in time to get some photos taken. This was also the moment of our first look: me, walking down the stairs, and he looking at me. My mom later told me that she will never forget his face, she says his mouth dropped! Ha ha, sadly I don’t remember that at all! This photo was taken a few moments after:


Then we took some portraits.To be honest, we didn’t really planned this photos, so we just went with the flow. We took some on my parents garden. This part was difficult, I find it hard to smile and pose when told to, but I did my best. By now, the sun was setting and the night was quickly approaching.



PicMonkey Collage3


 After our couple portraits were done, Omar took some quick pics of us with my family.

IMG_8014PicMonkey Collage2


And here is a pic of my dress… too bad it was already night! Time really does fly on your wedding day!


And here is a close-up of the bouquet


When the photos were all done, I figured it was time to add the cake toppers to our cakes. I had to wait until last moment, because the cakes didn’t fit on the fridge with the toppers on.


While I was doing that, everyone else packed everything: the bouquets, the thank-you cards, the donuts for the midnight snacks… And finally we were ready to go!!

My brother left in his car with his two friends, my parents left on the van with my cousin and my uncle, and Mr. W and me left in his car, with our friend C as a driver. Here is a selfie – you can see a cake peeking in the back.


We were on our way!



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