Caking For A Wedding 101

So, today is thursday, that means, baking-day for my wedding! While my cakes are in the oven, I thought I’ll share with you some quick tips that may help you in case you are planning on baking your own wedding cake. 

1. If you are planning on making sugar decorations, make them at least two weeks in advance. Originally I had planned to make my sugar flowers a month before the wedding. But then I got lazy. Finally I made them on tuesday, but since I had so little time left I couldn’t make them as detailed as I wanted. I had to settle with some simple flowers, that I think are really beautiful, but not what I had in mind. So, make them in advance and store them in a dry place.


2. Get your cake boards ready a week in advance. Sometimes you have to cut your boards so they are the exact size as your cake pan, so this will be a good time to get that out of the way. Also, if you plan on covering your main cake board with fondant do it now. This will give it time for it to dry completely. 


3. Two days in advance, get your pans and dry ingredients ready. I always prepare my pans not only with grease and flour, but also with waxed paper. So I have to cut the paper to fit each cake pan. This is a lot of work but this way my cakes never ever  get stuck. 


When I have a large order, I always measure my dry ingredients before baking day. This saves a lot of time. Dry ingredients are flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt. I measure them and store them in clean plastic bags (or bowls). Make sure to mark the contents of each bag/bowl!


4. Make your frostings and fillings a day in advance. For example, I made my lemon curd yesterday. I would also have made my cream cheese frosting yesterday but I hate working with cold frosting, so I’m making it today. But you can make it in advance and get them out of the fridge early in the morning so they get to room temperature while you are baking. 

5. Bake day! (Two days before your wedding) Turn your oven on, measure your other ingredients (butter, milk, extracts) and start mixing your cake batter. You will be over pretty fast, and that is great since you need your cakes to cool completely so you can start filling them and covering with fondant. It is really important that you cover them the same day, so the moisture stays. If you are not able, cover your cakes with foil during night. 

And that is it. This “timeline” works great if you are planning on having your cakes covered in fondant. If you plan on having them covered in buttercream, I recommend you bake them the day before, or even the same day. I just hate dry cake! Fondant will lock in the moisture, so I don’t have to worry about my cakes getting dry, but you might want to take that in consideration in case you plan on having them covered with buttercream or other icing.

Oh! my timer is calling! Time to get some cakes out of the oven. I’ll try to post some pics of my progress later on the day! If not, tomorrow I’ll give you a quick peek of the cakes! 🙂


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