A Fancy Pony and Some Random Stationery

Time for my hair trial!  Since I am so comfortable wearing pony tails, I chose to wear one on my wedding day.

Here is the scary before:


I have so much hair, and it is long, straight and heavy, so it is hard for me to wear curls since they only last a couple of hours, and any other up-do ends with me having a headache. So this was the perfect solution.  Here is how I’ll be wearing it.


I am really pleased with how it turned out. It feels comfy but at the same time I think that it looks elegant enough for a wedding.

In other news, here are some of my latest projects stationery wise:

1. Thank-you-for-coming cards… well, actually this are the envelopes, the tiny cards are already inside, with a handwritten personalized message.

For the envelopes I used washi tape (definitely one of my favorite tools during the whole wedding planning) and my best fake calligraphy which didn’t turned out as well as I wanted, but, oh well!


Our coordinator will deliver these cards to our guests during dinner.

2. Menus. Originally I wanted to print one menu per person, but then I thought about all the trash they would become and how expensive that would be. So I chose to print only one per table. They are 7″ squares, printed in glossy cardboard.


I bought some little stands, like the ones that hold dishes at your grandma’s house, and painted them white.


And this is how the menus will look on the tables.


3. Table numbers. Again, I printed these in cardboard and after cutting them, I glued them together using some double-side tape. At first I used Spray Mount, but that was a mess. I love Spray Mount, but it works better when you are gluing a smaller piece into a bigger one.


And here is how they would look like on the wedding day (this is the sample I brought the day they showed me the table decorations).


And that’s it. I believe that I’m finally over doing printed stuff. What a relief!


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