What will our tables wear? Part 2

I want to share with you the final look of our tables. On my last What will our tables wear? post I talked about our striped linens. Well, they finally arrived and I love them! Let’s see some photos!


We will have:

  • 15 tables with striped linens
  • 10 tables with navy linens
  • 4 different types of flower arrangements that will be alternated between tables:
  1. Two different short ones with little candles
  2. One tall one with little candles
  3. One made with wine bottles, flowers and tall candles



  • The striped linens are of a silky see-through material, so we’ll have lights under those tables. They give a soft glow that looks really nice… it is barely noticeable on photos.


  • We chose the pewter chargers
  • And finally, I couldn’t decide between the distressed chairs or the plain ones so I chose both! I must say that the distressed ones, on candlelight look really pretty (they don’t look dirty or vintage, instead, they look white with a golden glow!) They go really well with the striped linens, so that tables will have those chairs. The navy tables will have silver chairs… yes, now I have more colors than I expected, but I think everything will come together beautifully!


Things are starting to move real fast! Less than two weeks to go, and for your peace of mind, let me tell you we only have one honeymoon hotel left to book! Haha!


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