Choosing a Menu

We finally chose our menu! Yesterday we went to our coordinators office to taste some food. They have an extensive menu, we were told to pick two of each to try.

In Mexico it is really rare to take in consideration dietary needs or preferences of the guests. We are a bit behind on that front. So there are not vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options… This can cause some trouble, for example my dad is allergic to chicken and shrimp, so whenever he goes to a wedding or party he more likely will not eat everything he is served… but that’s ok, he is used to that and it doesn’t bother him at all. What I mean with all this is that it’s not considered rude to have only one meal option. I wanted to mention it since I’ve noticed it’s a big cultural difference.

Anyway, here are the dishes we tried, and in bold letters are the ones that we chose:


Sorry! No photo! But we chose to have the mexican canapes:


Grilled vegetable tower with balsamic reduction, served over fresh cheese


Tomato and goat cheese tower, served with balsamic reduction and avocado sauce.



Squash blossom soup served over toasted almonds


Broccoli-tarragon cream served over grilled cheese



Honey lacquered pork loin, served with mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini


Chicken breast filled with wild mushrooms, covered with basil pesto, served with herbed potatoes and green beans (actually my dad will be having beef, but come on! he is the father of the bride)



This is the only course we were able to pick both of our options. It will be served alternately.

Meringue served over vanilla ice cream


Puff pastry boat filled with pears served over chocolate sauce.


That’s it! I think the presentation is a little old school, but honestly I don’t care! The food was good!!! And we were really worried about that since we hadn’t tried anything from them or had any reference whatsoever. Everything was delicious! We are so happy and so relieved!

How did your menu tasting go?


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