Our Wedding “Guestbook” Poster

Can you believe that in all the weddings I’ve been to there has never been a guest book for us to sign? I guess it just isn’t a common practice around here. But after seeing all over the internet some gorgeous thumbprint posters I wanted one!


By Etsy seller TheWeddingEssentials

But all I could think about was my guests making a mess with the ink!! Or they not alternating their prints correctly… so I decided that it would be a better idea to have the poster printed -this way they would only have to put their name on it,  just like these inspiration photos:


By Etsy seller Mitjuju


By Etsy seller Lemon&LimeStudio


By Etsy seller Lemon&LimeStudio

Mr. W wanted me to use some vintage car, preferably a VW, but it would’ve been difficult for me to trace it from scratch, so I checked one of my favorite sources of all times: dafont! I found a lovely dingbat that would work, called oldcar.

I picked a cute VW van, that had a whimsy feel. So I chose to use that one. I added some balloons in coral which will look good on our wedding day but I also like the color enough to have it at our home. This is the final product:


What bugs me a bit is that I don’t think there are enough balloons for all our guests to sign, but I hope most of them can… maybe they can share a spot!

I’m planning to get it printed this week, and after the wedding we will frame it and hang it on our dining room!


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