Some Random Shots

This past couple of days I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. Apparently I have the flu, which I never get! Ever since I left my job at a knitting factory I rarely get sick… Oh, I’m rambling! What I wanted to share with you are some pics of stuff we did this week:

  • I tried different swatches of nail polish for the wedding day. I ended picking up Peach Daiquiri by Essie (and I’m already regretting it, since in different lights it looks more pink than coral) and Nude Beach also by Essie to go on top, it adds a light barely-there glittery look.






  • We’ve been doing some exciting house remodeling


  • Trying out some fancy suits


  • And finally, getting some candy wrapped for our table.


Candy decorating supplies


Everything ready to get individually wrapped.


Which can be really time consuming, specially if you re-wrap everything, including the foil wrapping paper in chocolates! But it had to be blue!

And that is it… can you believe we haven’t even picked our menu? And also, why am I feeling so relaxed despite everything we still have to do?  🙂


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