What will our tables wear?

Today I had a meeting with our wedding planner to talk about linens.


We are having 25 tables at our reception, and I wanted to include the stripes in the tablescapes. But striped linens where nowhere to be found, so she had a sample made specially for us. I love it!


Our actual lines will be floor length. The one in the picture has a funky shape since it is only a sample, and the dark stripes are black. In the ones we will be using, the stripes will be navy, and so will be the cushions on the chairs.

Now, we both think that 25 tables with striped linens would be a bit much, so we are just doing 15 tables with stripes, and the other 10 in plain navy linens.


While we where there she showed me some new chairs that we can choose. They have a vintage-distressed look, which is nothing more than a metallic paint wash. I liked them, but I worry a bit that they will look dirty rather than vintage. What do you think? Picture them at night, in a candlelight ambiance with navy cushions…


Should I get them?

And finally, we checked out the charger plates. We have two options, a gold one and a pewter one. Although gold is one of our colors, I feel more inclined towards the pewter one – I like their shape and size better, but I am not so sure about the color. What do you think?

la foto

What are you dressing your tables with? Visualizing how everything will look is hard for me, do you find it hard too?


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