Candy + Snacks = Happy Guests

And happy Weathervanes’, since we don’t have to worry about favors.  For me, edible things are the perfect favor, because – who doesn’t like food? So I knew we’ll be giving something yummy for our guests.


I love chocolate/candy covered apples!  // Photo via

I love when I arrive to a party and there is something waiting for me at my seat. But I also love candy tables, they are fun for the guests and can be a key part of the decoration.


Photo via //Photo by Jessica Claire


Via Hostess with the Mostess // Photo and Styling by Soiree Event Design

So I knew we will have a candy + snack table at our wedding. Color coordinated tables are really gorgeous, and they definitely make a decoration statement, but I prefer to have yummy stuff in my table, no matter what color they are!

From this point on, all photos personal.

In the past, I have set up a few tables, and this is what I like to do:

  • Instead of just dropping the candy on containers, I wrap most of the candy in individual packages. I find this makes it easier and faster for guests, since they don’t have to worry about getting in line to use a scoop and bag.
  • This pre-packaged candy works better as favors, as guests can easily grab them, take them home and eat them later.


  • I always wrap and label them in the colors of the party: stickers, ribbon, boxes, etc.
  • Usually I calculate about 4 portions per guest. My wedding, for example, will have 250 guests approximately, so I’ll need to have between 1000 and 1200 individual packages. That is a lot! But in my experience guest do take this number.


  • I use different sizes of clear bags, boxes and tiny glass containers (which are the firsts to get picked, people love them!)
  • I arrange the packages on different size  and height containers, plates and trays. This helps the table look more interesting.


  • I choose a wide variety of candy: gummi bears, lollypops, chocolates… but I also add salty stuff. Mr. W. always tells me that people (or men… or at least his male friends, who knows!) prefer to eat salty – spicy food while drinking alcohol. So I always add some peanuts, chips, popcorn, pretzels. And since we are from Mexico, we always, always want hot things: spicy tamarind, chili covered mangoes, hot sauce for the peanuts… Yum!
  • It is always a good idea to label the containers, since everything is re-wrapped and not on its original package, this way  the guests will know what they are eating.


This are the main points I take in consideration while preparing a candy + snacks table. This past weekend I purchased most of the candy that we will be giving. What I didn’t buy were the chips, popcorn and everything else that needs to be fresh. I will pick those items the week of the wedding. I hope some of this tips are useful in case you are planing on having one of these tables at your wedding.

And now, feel free to skip this part, but I thought that it would be interesting to share some of my favorite mexican candy that I bought for our wedding 🙂


Pelón Pelo Rico: Tamarind and chili soft candy. You press the sides of the top part and the candy comes out looking like “hair” hence the name Pelo Rico, which translates like Yummy Hair.


Mango flavored gelatin, obviously covered in chili powder.


Chilarines, checolines, frijolitos de tamarindo: Tiny tamarind and chili pellets.


Huevitos: Little chocolate eggs, covered in candy with a subtle minty flavor.


Cacahuate japonés: Cracker covered peanuts


Ollitas: A tiny “pot” filled with a sugar-chili paste.


Churritos: Crispy and salty corn, wheat and sesame snack. I packed this with a tiny bag of Valentina hot sauce. 


Bubulubu: Oh, I love this stuff: strawberry-flavored jelly and marshmallow covered with chocolate.


Rockaleta: Several layers of  alternated candy and chill, with a mango gum ball in the center. 


Granadas: My all-time favorite. Giant strawberry marshmallows with a chocolate and nut cover. 


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