Handing out Invitations (Literally)

In México almost no one uses the postal service, at least not for something as important as a wedding invitation. Instead, what we use is one of this two:

  1. Messenger (which can be expensive)
  2. Handing out the invitations personally (the most common one)


As you can guess, we chose the second one. So this past couple of days we’ve been visiting our friends and family to give them their invites. This task can be really time consuming, but it is really nice to spend some time with them. We have to meet some of our guests individually but others we meet in groups: at a nice dinner, at a sunday family meal, etc. I must admit I’m really enjoying this part of the planning – talking to all of them and seeing how excited they are about our wedding makes me happy.

Previously I showed you our invitation design, now I want to show you what our guests are receiving and some of the tools I used. We chose not to use external envelopes, a decision I regret a bit, since the pocket folds tend to get dirty and scratch easily. So we have to be extra careful while handling them.

Image Originally I wanted to handwrite the names, but I’m glad I didn’t. I purchase a shimmering striped paper and printed the name tags (everything in my old but faithful HP1315 printer – I love my printer!). The whole printing thing made everything easier and faster.

I cut the name tags using this EK Success Puncher.


Then, for the back closure I printed some tiny tags with our initials and punch them with the EK Success 1 1/8 inch puncher. This puncher is so cute and tiny, but I must say that the handle should be a bit longer. It makes the punching process a bit tiring.


I wrapped the invites using some Divine Twine in Blueberry. I love it! I’m also gonna use it on some other things, like the candy table and maybe a cake topper.


Photo via WhiskerGraphics

For gluing everything together I used the Zip Dry Glue that we purchased from Cards & Pockets. It worked pretty well and a little goes a long way.


And finally I want to share the complete set, with all the inserts and everything:


And a close-up so you can see a bit of the texture of the screen-printing process:


Our printers used two types of ink, a shiny one (navy blue) and a matte one (coral) and I think that made them a little more interesting.

So there you have it, I hope you find some of this tools helpful in case you are planning on DIY’ing your invitations. And now I must leave, these invitations won’t deliver themselves!!


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