Remember when I told you about my weight – loss? Well, it has been great, for the most part.

One of the inconveniences is that stuff don’t fit me no more. My jeans, shirts, even my shoes are huge! But that is ok, the greatest inconvenience is that my engagement ring stopped fitting. When I first got my ring measured, I was a size 7, now I am a size 5. The ring fell of my hand, I was sad.


My old size 7 finger

So after a couple of months of not wearing it, this past weekend we took it to a jeweler. In downtown Mexico City is the Jewelry District, so we went there, not knowing exactly where we were going.

The streets were super full, so MUCH people! That worried me, since I had planned to take our portraits the day of the wedding there, but now I’m not so sure. I just don’t think I could walk down those streets with my sparkly white wedding dress… So now we have to come up with a backup plan.


Ok, maybe this pic doesn’t show it but trust me, the streets where packed!

Anyway, back to the ring. We found a teeny-tiny shop, and we went there. The jeweler told us that he could resize my ring right away, and that it would be $45 pesos… that is less than $3.5 usd!!  I asked about the tiny pave stones, I was worried that they would fall down, but he assured me that nothing would happen. So I gave it to him and 10 minutes later I had my fixed ring.


The fixed ring on my new number 5 finger!

He did such a good job, the union or whatever he did is barely noticeable, and now it fits!! That day it was perfect, perhaps my hands where a bit swollen, now it is still a bit big, but it doesn’t fall. I can wear it again!


While we were there, we also looked at wedding bands. I want a plain thin band, I tried on a white gold one, and it looked great, but I also tried the yellow gold one and I really liked it! I am not so sure I like the mixed metal look, but I definitely like how the yellow gold alone looks against my skin. I don’t know which one to get! Besides, Mr. Weather wants us to wear matchy bands. I prefer him with white gold, but I like yellow better for my self…

Do you like mixing metals? Do you think it is important that you and your Mr. wear the same color bands?


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