Shoe Update

We’ve got shoes!

As you may remember, I had already bought a pair of navy-coral shoes, with a somewhat high heel (4.5 in). But Mr. Weather Vane was lacking of that important accessory.  On my last shoe-related post I mentioned that I wanted him to get some patent leather shoes, or preferably, some mixed leather shoes.  So to the stores we went, and we found this pair:


At the beginning he wasn’t sure. He felt that the suede looked too casual and that the soles were too thin, but after some convincing, he decided to get them. Now that I am looking at this picture, the suede may look a bit casual, but on real life, and at night time, I feel like they will look pretty elegant.

While we where there, I decided to browse the women’s shoes. Although I really like the ones I already have, I am a bit concerned that I would regret the height of the heel, after all, I want to dance! So looking at the few bridal options that where available I decided to purchase some platform sneakers. This ones:


They have an 3″ heel, but they are super comfortable.  And plus, they came with some flip flops that I can wear while getting ready.


So now, what I am thinking is that when they do the alterations to my dress, I am gonna use the 3″ heel as reference. Those are the shoes that I don’t want to be shown, and if the navy-coral ones take a peek to the outside world, that would be ok, I want those shoes to be seen!

Are you planning on switching shoes?


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