My Complete Look: Part 1

As you may remember, I have already chosen my gorgeous dress. But I also have my complete look ready!  Here is the rundown:

Hair and Makeup

I always wear ponytails, I love them and I feel super comfortable in them. So, it is only fit that on my wedding day I wear one.  But it will be a fancier pony. I want to have a bit of volume on top, and I want the actual pony to be full and a bit curly, just like this inspiration photos.



Via Love Luxe



Via Glamour

I am pretty sure I will need to wear some sort of extensions, since I want it to be really full. I will have to ask the hairdresser about that.

Regarding makeup, I reaaaally want to wear some color on the lips. I love to wear bright reds and I always pictured myself wearing red on my wedding. But lately I’ve been wearing an orangey-pink lipstick I got from Sephora. It is Sephora Rouge Shine 24, and I love it! It looks coral and I think it brings out the color of my eyes.



Via Sephora

So now I’ve been seriously considering wearing coral.



Via  temptalia

Since I am determined to wear colored lips, I think everything else should be more subtle. Early on the planning I pinned this photo. I just love this whole make up.



Via Rhodes Wedding Planners

And finally, nails. I also want them to be coral, can you tell I am a bit obsessed?? Ha. Something like this would be great.



Via Paki Fashion

Or even something like this.



Via Fashion Diva Design

So, this is my complete look. Tell me about yours!


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