My Complete Look: Part 2

Now lets talk about: accessories!

I am wearing this earrings from Swarovsky. I like their simplicity and that they have a modern feel. I think they will compliment my dress perfectly.



Via Swarovski

You may remember my shoes



Via LadyPaulina

I ordered this ivory/coral garters from Etsy. They are so pretty, and the color is just what I’ve envisioned.



Via somethingnewdesigns

And finally, when it gets chilly, I will wear this cardigan. I looked and looked for an off-white cardigan everywhere, and luckily I found this one.



But it was a bit simple, it was missing something. So I purchased a string of crystals.


And changed the buttons. I think this simple detail makes it a bit special. Those crystals really reflect the light, and they will match perfectly with my earrings.


I am also considering getting a coat, but we will see!  Am I missing something? Do you have your accessories all ready to go or are you still looking?


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