Lets Dance!!

It seems that everyone in Mexico knows how to dance. That is, everyone but me.

I’ve always been dance-challenged. It just is soooo hard for me. Mr. Weather likes to dance. I don’t. Early on our relationship this caused some serious trouble. Most of our fights were because I didn’t wanted to get on the dance floor and he did.

As our relationship progressed I decided to make a conscious effort to dance. It made him happy. So I did. I was still bad, but at least I was trying. And truth be told, I had a bit more fun at parties and weddings. But still it was not my cup of tea.

Now that we are getting married, I want to enjoy the party as much as possible, that is why I asked my good friend P to give us some dance lessons, everything from Big Band to Salsa!

So, for the last couple of months we’ve had some lessons. It has been good! Who knew that all I needed was a little direction? It turns out I have rhythm, I just didn’t knew how to use it.  And no to be presumptuous or anything, but I think I will be even better than  my Mr!… ok, probably not, but at least I won’t make a fool of myself.




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Do tell, are you dance challenged like me? If so, have you considered taking some lessons?


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