Chair decor

We are having chiavari chairs at our reception (or Tiffany, as we call them on México). At the beginning I was leaning towards the gold ones, but neither my FI or my mom liked them.


Via The Ultimate Wedding Project

Oh well. So instead, I think we are having the brown ones:


Via Milwaukee Chair Rental

I think the chairs are beautiful, even tough I suspect they are plastic instead of wood… Anyway, I was looking at some inspiration photos on how to beautify them a bit more.

For our chairs, we’ve all seen all this gorgeous pictures:


Via The Elli Blog


Via Mi Emporium


Via United With Love // Photo by One Love Photography // by ArmyMomofTwins

I had to have something like that!!  For this super easy project I used:

  • Thick cardboard letters
  • Electric drill
  • Washi tape (mt brand)
  • Thin ribbon


First, using the drill, I punched two holes on top of each letter. (Keep in mind we will not be a Mr. and Mrs., we will be a Sr. Y Sra., as in señor y señora)


I started covering the letters, stripe by stripe with the tape.


I folded the corners and covered the back of the letters. Then the sides.


Of course after I was finished I realized the color was all wrong!! It was orange, not coral, so, I peel them of and started all over again.

There, this is more like it.


After that, I simply tied the ribbon on each hole.


And voilà, my chair decors are done! (Ohhh, I’m so embarrassed, my bright pink Croc is showing! I swear I only wear them when I’m home alone!)

Then I started to think about the guest chairs.  I found some lovely inspiration pics:



Via The Canterbury Place Blog // Photo by Lindsay Jane Studios



Via The Canterbury Place Blog // Photo by Lindsay Jane Studios

But I wonder…. isn’t doing sashes for 250+ chairs a lot? Would it look saturated? Maybe I could do it alternating, one chair with, one without.

What do you think? Are you doing something with your chairs?


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