Let’s talk about cake

From the beginning I knew I was going to bake our wedding cake. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know it will be added stress, but I just can imagine not having cake, or having cake made by someone else! *gasp*.

I know it will be hard, specially since there needs to be tons of cake , enough to feed 250+ guests, but slowly I had been thinking about my action plan. So far what I’ve got is:

1. Make several cakes: I know this is somewhat of a trend right now. Several cakes look so pretty, with all the different heights and the same colors to unify it all. But the real reason why I am doing it is: it would be easier! This way I don’t have to worry so much about the support system (dowels) and more important, the transportation, since we are taking them to the venue on the day of the wedding. Plus, I don’t have to settle on just one design.



Via The Dainty Lion

2. Use fondant: I know a lot of you hate fondant, hey, I dislike it too! The flavor is not my favorite thing ever, but fondant has so many advantages:

  1. Appereance: Crisp lines, clean designs, textures, added details, etc.
  2. It protects the cake: I cannot emphasize enough how well fondant preserves a cake. It locks all the moisture and texture. When a cake is covered only with buttercream or ganache, it tends to dry a bit on the fridge. And when you take it to the venue, it is easier for it to suffer damages, everything from a kid with a long finger that wants a taste, to leaves or bugs from a nearby tree…
  3. You can actually remove it!: I just tell everyone that if they don’t like the taste of fondant, they can peel it as if it were a banana. Underneat is a thick layer of frosting (or there should be!), so this way you have the best of both worlds.



Via CakeChester

3. Make gumpaste decorations one month before: I plan on doing some flowers and bows, so I’ll try to make them some time ahead, so I don’t have to worry about them later. Gumpaste dries super hard, and it lasts a looong time, so there is no problem making them in advance, as long as they are stored in a cool, dry and clean place, nothing will happen to them.



Personal photo

4. Bake the cakes on thursday: This is the one that worries me the most. I like to bake from scratch, and I like things freshly baked. I know that if I bake the cakes on thursday, and cover them with fondant the same day, they will be in perfect condition till saturday, but I wonder… should I make them in advance and freeze them?? I know a lot of bakers do that, and they swear that the cakes are moister after, but I’ve never done that, I am a freshly-baked kind of girl…

What do you think? Should I bake the cakes, lets say, a week earlier, and freeze them? Have you done that?


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