What we are skipping // What we are doing

Every wedding is different, and they should be! After all, they are the representation of the couple. Our wedding, although mostly traditional, will be missing some elements, such as:

  • Religious ceremony:  Neither Mr. Weather nor I are religious, so from the beginning we decided to have only a civil ceremony…. Well, now that I think about it, that is not true. Mr. W, could have gone either way, but I always knew that I couldn’t have a church wedding, it just isn’t who I am.
  • Vows: With a civil ceremony, the reading of the vows is not common. I mean, you could do them if you want to, but to be honest, I am glad that it is not mandatory. I hate speaking in public!! Besides, I am a bit reserved when it comes to PDA, so it is perfect that we are not having them… Maybe that day, when we are alone, we could tell each other some sweet words.
  • Father/daughter dance: I have a weeeeird relationship with my father. So weird that I can’t even explain it. I was never a daddy’s girl, but still I was spoiled. We were never very touchy-feely, but still, we have our own whistle salute. He is so generous, smart and caring, but at the same time cold and reserved… but that is how it (our relationship) is.  So, I decided to skip the dance, I have put a LOT of thought on that, but I just can’t help feeling it would be really awkward and not “us”.
  • Bridesmaids: Of course I would want to have my friends dressed up alike to pose with me on some photos, but since we are not having the religious thing, I just don’t see the point… I mean, what would they do? I just can’t justify having them buy a dress just so we can take some pictures together, so sadly, I am skipping the bridesmaids.


On the other hand, there are some traditional wedding stuff that we are definitely having:

  • Bouquet/Garter Toss: How fun!! I can’t wait to throw my bouquet, I just hope I throw it on the right direction, and not to where no one is standing!! (The things that worry me sometimes amaze me)
  • Toasts: We want my father to say some words. Also Mr. Weather wants to make a quick thank-you speech.
  • Cake-cutting:  I plan on making some cake, so we definitely need to have a cake-cutting-eating moment.
  • Mariachi Band: We are definitely having either a mariachi or a norteño band (we love norteño music, so we are still deciding which one we will have). Mariachis are more common. They usually arrive to the party one hour before it ends, and play the songs that the public request. This is also the time to serve the “tornaboda” which is another meal, usually spicy hot chilaquiles**. We are still deciding what tornaboda we will give, since sometimes chilaquiles are so hot that not everyone can eat them (when I say everyone, I’m talking about me).


Via vistimexico.com

What traditions are you skipping or doing?

**Chilaquiles: Crispy fried tortillas served with either green or red sauce, topped with cream, cheese, fresh onion, and sometimes chicken, usually served with black beans. Yum!!


Via bubblews


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