Trusting in Friendors / Small Businesses

As a small business owner I am so grateful when people trust in me and hire me to help them on their special occasions, and I specially like it when the people hiring me are my friends (sure, it is super stressful to be a vendor and a guest, but it also is rewarding). That is why since we started planning the wedding, I knew we will use some friends and small businesses, plus, we are lucky enough to have some pretty talented friends/acquaintances willing to help us.

So far, these are the friendors / small business we are using:

FLOWERS: Our venue package comes with all the flower centerpieces for the tables, but I am using my friend T skills for everything else: two bouquets (one to keep, one to toss) boutonnieres for my Mr. W. and our parents, arrangements for the judge and candy tables, random flowers for some bathroom decorations and some flowers to decorate our car.


MAKEUP: Another friend, M, that I’ve known since elementary school is a great make-up artist, she even teaches another MUA some bridal techniques. We still need to have the trial, but I am confident she will do a great job.


HAIR ACCESORY: My dear friend L has graciously offered to make a head piece for me to wear.  We’ll see what she comes up with!

DANCE LESSONS: P, one of my closest friends is a psychology PhD by day and an amazing dancer/coreographer by… day also. She is giving us some needed dance lessons for the big day.


PHOTOGRAPHY: A co-worker of Mr. Weather has started a photography side-business. We are planning on using him,  he doesn’t have a big portfolio, but we are willing to give him the chance. I know that this one is the biggest risk, but we are confident he will do a good job.

PRINTERS: As I mentioned previously, we had our invitations screen-printed. We used a friend of a friend, and I couldn’t be happier. Their work was fast and flawless. I love how our invitations turned out.

Would you consider using friendors/small businesses? Or is it too big of a risk?


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