Stationery Design: Designing our invites

Something I forgot to tell you previously: before begining to design our invites, the first thing we did was buy our envelopes. I think this is extremely important, you must make sure your invites will fit in your envelopes!!

We decided on some pocket folds from Cards & Pockets. We chose their Signature Pocket Invitation in Sparkling Sapphire. Originally I wanted to get them on Cobalt, which is a matte navy blue, but I am glad we went with the Sparkling one. It is so pretty.


Via Cards & Pockets

We were really happy with their service, and the envelopes are perfect. They arrived in packages of 25. In total, we ordered 150 envelopes.

So now that we had the envelopes, I started working on Illustrator. I worked for a couple of weeks, making sure that I printed the invites every once in a while. They really look different on the screen, so you must print them to get a better sense of the proportions and distribution. After lots of failed designs, this is the one that we chose.


I was able to incorporate the flowers, the stripes, and all the information I wanted, and managed to do so only using two colors.  I was a bit worried that it looked a bit saturated, but I have to be honest, I was ready to move on to another project, so I closed that file and didn’t looked at it for about two weeks. Later, when I saw it again, I liked them, so I sent them to the printer, along with our inserts: a map, some information and the reception passes.


Fun Fact 3: In Mexico we don’t use a RSVP card. What is common is to add one “ticket” per guest you are inviting. Once you hand the invitations (they are either given in person or via messenger, almost never via mail) someone (hired or a family member) will call every guest to get their RSVP. The tickets also include a number and email, so the guest can RSVP that way, making it easier for the bride and groom.

An just for the record, this are some of the other designs that just didn’t make the cut:



Did you DIY’ed your invites or hired a pro? Are you happy with the results?


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