Local Traditions: La Víbora de la Mar



Photo by Erick Pozos

Oh, La Víbora de la Mar. It is a tradition that I USED to love. Here is a very accurate description from Wikipedia:

“In Mexico, it has become quite popular to play this game at weddings. In this variation, single men and women are often divided, the groom and bride standing on chairs to form the arch under which everyone passes. (The groom often uses the veil or train of the bride’s dress). In this case, the song is not sung, and the rhythm of music is followed, which gets faster and faster, the participants struggling to keep the “snake” together, while running through tables, chairs and the couple. At the end of the game, depending on the sex of the participants, the bride throws from her chair the wedding bouquet, and the groom the garter.”

And  here you can see some videos from actual weddings that I found on You Tube:





The men are specially mean, since all they want is to get the groom to fall of his chair.

Anyways, I was telling you that I used to love this tradition. That is, until I fell down while doing it!!! In front of ALL of Mr. Weather’s family!! And while wearing spandex underwear!!!  I still shudder every time I think about that. Brr, brr….

So now I have to decide if I am gonna have it at our wedding. Mr. Weather and all our friends say I should, the bride never falls, but still, every time I hear that music I get the chills!! On the other hand, it is a tradition that most guests will be expecting, and before THE fall, I used to enjoy it…

What will I do??


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