Stationery Design: Invitations

I started thinking about wedding invitations way too soon on the planning process. I knew I wanted to make them myself, so I needed all the time possible to accomplish that task. First I thought what I wanted them to say.

I wanted to include our parents names on them, this is how old school mexican invitations are. Both sets of parents names go on top, and they are the ones that invite you to the wedding. I wanted to do it that way as a sign of respect and appreciation. So I did that. (Disclaimer: Nowadays most couples don’t have that type of formalities, but what can I say, I guess I’m old fashioned)

Then I just wanted the basic information, address, date, time and of course our names.  Once I knew what I wanted to include, I started searching for some inspiration.

Oh, there are so many beautiful options out there, this are some of my favorites:



Via Oh so beautiful paper // Photo by Ken Kienow






Via Invitation Crush by Bow and Arrow Paper Co.




But I also had to think about how we were gonna make them. Letterpress is a bit expensive, so that was out. I could have them laser-printed some place like Kinko’s or I could have them silk-screen printed. I chose the second one, I like how they have a little texture and the quality is different than laser printing.

Since every color on the process uses a different screen, and since every screen costs money, I decided to limit the colors to just two. That was hard. So again, to Illustrator I went.

What printing method did you used/are planning to? Are you lucky enough to have them letterpressed?


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