My shoe quest was easy. And it was fast. Ever since I picked our colors, I knew I wanted my shoes to be navy. So I kept my eyes open. They weren’t too many options, but I was confident that as soon as the fall-winter clothes arrived to the stores, I would find them.

One day I was walking through the mall and I decided to enter a small shoe shop. And there they where.


I think they are perfect. What are the odds of finding navy shoes with a coral accent? I tried them on, and while they are a bit taller than I would’ve wanted (4.5” heel), I bought them right then and there.


Now comes the hard part. Picking the shoes Mr. Weather will wear.

Since he is wearing a tuxedo, I picture him wearing some patent leather shoes with laces, like this:


Via Florsheim

Or in a perfect budget-less world, something like this:


Via Upscale Hype *swoon*

But for some reason he is not feeling the shiny-shoe look. He wants something less fancy. I just wish he picks something with a not so clunky sole. I hate huge soles! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Are you wearing heels, flats or both? And, just as important, what is your fiance wearing?!?!


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