Stationery Design: Save the Date

Fun fact 1: In Mexico we don’t send Save the dates. It is not something we use and most people don’t even know what they are.

Fun fact 2: Engagement photos? Nah. We don’t use that either. Well, some couples are starting to have them taken, but it is not a common practice. Mr. Weather and I didn’t even considered them.

Still, I wanted to send my closest friends and family a friendly reminder that they MUST save the date for our wedding. But since we didn’t had pro-pics I had to figure out how to make one without them. So to Illustrator I went.

I must say I was heavily inspired by the designs from I just really like their aesthetics.  This are some of my favorites:


Via minted


Via minted


Via minted

I knew I wanted something along those lines, with the flowery border and a delicate look, but also I wanted to incorporate the stripes and colors that I talked about previously.  So, after a lot of clicking this and tracing that, I came up with this:


I really like them. I think they gave our guests a “feel” of how our wedding will be, but without revealing too much. I saved my work as jpeg and send them via e-mail and trough Facebook Messages, and I am happy to report that I received some pretty good comments, alas, some of them thought they were the actual invitations *sigh*

Would you consider sending an electronic “save the date”? Or do you prefer the printed version?


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