What size wedding?

Weddings in Mexico are huge, and they are looong. In the last 10 years I’ve been in at least 15 weddings (yes, most of our friends are already married). The smaller ones had between 150 to 180 guests, and the biggest had more than 700 guests.

I never really tought of what size wedding I wanted, but I knew I wanted to have all of my and  Mr. Weather friends and most of our family. But I also wanted everyone to have a good time, so we are letting our parents invite whatever friends they like. This is a celebration, a part-eeehh! Everyone should have fun! But still we didn’t wanted this wedding get out of control.


List making is fun // Source

So we started sketching our wedding list. Besides our friends, family and our parents guests, we added some of Mr. Weather co-workers to the mix (sadly I don’t have any coworkers) and some random people we also want to celebrate with. After writing down all the names we had a total of 298 guests. Not bad. We are thinking that of all the invited, about 20%  won’t come, so maybe the total number of guests will be around 250.

By mexican standards, our wedding will be on the smallish side, but I think it is a pretty good number. I am just hoping that I can talk to all our guests, at least once, during the night.

How did your guest list -making go? Was it hard? Did you have to compromise?


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