Losing Weight

About 5 years ago I was determined to have cupcakes for my birthday. But I couldn’t find them anywhere in Mexico City (now they are all over the place). So I decided to bake them myself.


The day I baked for the first time

I enjoyed baking so much that I decided to start baking for friends and family. Soon, people I didn’t knew asked me to bake for them, and I did. And so, my new business began. With my new career path also came some uninvited guests: a huge carb addiction, sleepless nights and lots of pounds!

I got so heavy, but I just couldn’t stop! You know how everytime you bake a cake it comes out from the oven, so soft, so moist, and with a little dome on top?  Well, I used to eat that dome, all the time, with every cake I made!! No wonder I gained so much weight. What’s more, my delicious confections also made Mr. Weather gain some weight.


We look so bloated 😦

So, when we got engaged, my lovely mom gave me the number of a doctor and told me to call him ASAP!

So I did. And from the moment I began the diet, I never even once ate something I wasn’t supposed to. I followed the diet to a T, which for someone in my line of work is reaaaally hard. I cried many times, and was cranky and resentful, but the results are so worth it! In the 8  months that I’ve been on the diet I’ve lost over 50 pounds. I’ve gone from being obese to have a normal weight. From a size 14 to a size 6, from having triglyceride levels of 189 to 96… I will never be super skinny, but I’m pretty happy with how I feel now.

Now comes the hardest part: keeping this weight. But honestly I believe that the way I’m eating now, healthier and balanced, is the way to go. I even started exercising a bit, something that I’ve never done before. But still, I’m a bit worried… I just don’t want to fall of the wagon. How do you manage to keep a healthy lifestyle forever with all the temptations out there? Help!


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