Local Traditions: La Pedida

As soon as we returned from our engagement trip, Mr. Weather talked with my parents and told them that we were getting married.  I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit akward, specially because my dad didnt’ said beep the whole time.  But after the initial shock, the planning started.

A couple of days later we went to Mr. Weather parent’s house, and we also told them the news. We could have left it at that, but we wanted to take a traditional spin on it. We started planning “la pedida”.

La pedida consists on the family of the groom visiting the house of the family of the bride and in most cases it is the first time both sets of parents meet.

My mom and I made lists with several options of food, what we would wear, what china we would use… We both are a bit of compulsive list makers. We set the date to the last saturday of June and we waited.

When the day arrived we were so excited, because to me the fact that his family wanted to meet and talk with my parents made everything a little more serious, it made it official. The guest list included my FILS, my SIL and her husband, my brother, my parents, and of course Mr. Weather and me.

They arrived on time and after what seemed like a lot of small talk, my FFIL told my parents and us that they were happy that we were getting married and that we had their full support, not only regarding wedding planning, but with whatever we needed from that day forward.

Then Mr. Weather talked. He loves talking in public. He said that he was really happy that we were getting married, and he thanked my parents for the way they have treated him all this years.

Lastly, my father said that they would help us with whatever was needed, and that Mr. Weather was a welcome addition to our family. My mom tried to talk too, but she was a bit tearful.  So was I.



Look at my bling!


With Mr. Weather


With our parents

And that was it, it was official! After that we had a lovely meal and the parents got to know each other.

How did your parents meet the parents of your FI? Was it awkward?


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