Getting Engaged

After dating for more than five years, Mr. Weather Vane and I decided to get engaged. I don’t like surprises so much, so I gave him a LOT of input about the ring.  But he was determined to make the proposal a surprise, so after he bought it, he hold the ring for about two months.

One day he told me we were going on a trip. The destination was a mistery. I was to pack for 4 days, and to have my passport and visa ready. When we arrived to the airport I found out: New Orleans!

What you need to know is that I love southern USA. I don’t know why, but I love the history, red velvet cake, the accent, Gone With The Wind and above all, Elvis. We’ve already been to Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, so Louisiana was the next logical step.


On our visit to Graceland /Personal Photo

We had a great trip, despite the rain and that I was freezing most of the time (he told me the weather would be like in Mexico City, and to pack accordingly… it was not!). We took the ferry, walked trough the French Quarter and ate great food.


Boarding the steamboat /Personal Photo

On the second day, at night, we decided to walk around the Garden District, watching all the lovely mansions that are on that area. We were waiting for the streetcar, completely alone, and I guess he tought, this is a good a time as any, so… he did it. He told me some sweet words and asked me to marry him. I said yes!


Having some celebratory drinks /Personal Photo

Next we went to have dinner and drinks, and to celebrate and be happy. Being recently engaged is great, so the next couple of days were lovely. We visited plantations, we went to the French Market and we ate more great food (hello gumbo and jambalaya!! yum!)


Engaged! /Personal Photo


Delicious Gumbo! /Personal Photo

And that was it, we were getting married!!


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