Choosing Some Colors

For me, one of the easiest ways to personalize and plan a wedding is to pick some colors and stick to them.  So that was one of the first things I did.

As a textile designer and now baker, the fundaments of design and color have always been important to me. Whenever I design something I try to choose colors that are complementary to each other and then I just a add an accent color to the mix.

Frequently I take a look at my old color wheel to remind myself of some classic color combos, but other times I just pick colors that are the same hue or have the same intensity.



A trustworthy color wheel / Source

I’ve always had some favorite color combos, such as:








Via Santa Barbara Chic // Photo by One Love Photography

and Magenta-Purple




I love them all! But I wonder, aren’t they more like “day time” colors? Since the wedding is going to be at night, I wanted a richer more classic color. How about navy blue? Yes! For me navy blue is so elegant and classic, I need to have that color.

The complementary color to blue is orange, and I liked it, specially after seeing this gorgeous bouquet.



Via Brides // Photo by Snap!  // Bouquet by Hana Floral Design

But still I wasn’t sold. I wanted my colors to be a bit younger, a bit brighter. And then it came to me: coral! Coral is the mix between orange and pink, and it contrasts perfectly with my navy blue. As an accent color I decide to add some gold to the mix. So that was it, our colors were chosen.



Board via Hey Look //floral arrangement //bride & groom // table setting // bridesmaids //macarons

And here is our personal color palette, with pantone swatches:



How did you picked your colors? Do you carry swatches around or do you trust in your color memory?


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