Choosing A Venue: Part 2

Once we decided our wedding was going to be downtown, we started looking at our options.  There are some gorgeous buildings there, like the MIDE (Interactive Museum of Economy) or the Colegio Vizcainas. But the prices where a bit out of our budget (ok, a lot out).


The interiors of MIDE / Source


Colegio Vizcainas / Source

At the end, we narrowed it down to two places. El Club de Periodistas (a journalists club) and an ex-convent, called Regina.

We liked the Club de Periodistas, and the prices were about half of the Regina. The first time we were there was at night, and we liked it. I came back a couple of days later with my mom, at daytime, and, oh-my! Not good. We saw some imperfections. Some columns were broken, the floors had stains, the walls were dirty and the bathrooms, oh the bathrooms were awful!


Club de Periodistas: I would have planned my color scheme based on the floor / Source 

And then we went to Regina. We fell in love. It is in perfect state, very well kept. It has a fountain in the middle, the columns and arches typical of that era arquitecture, and a white tent included. It has just the right space for our guests, and the bathrooms are big and pretty. We were sold. This was our place.



We have a winner! / Source

As a side note, some little FYI: The Regina Convent was founded on 1573 by the Conceptionists, next to the Regina Coeli church, which has a churrigueresque arquitecture.  Besides being a convent, the building also served as a hospital and more recently as a home for the elderly. In 1982 it was declared a Historical Monument of the Nation.

Are you getting in a place with some history or do yo prefer a newer venue?


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