Choosing a Venue: Part 1

Mexico city is one of the biggest, craziest most chaotic cities in the world. And it is our home. So when we decided to get married we knew we had to do it here.


Mexico City at night/Photo via Photography Blogger  /By Cazucito

Most of our married friends have had their weddings at a small town about an hour and a half from México City. It is called Cuernavaca, or the City of Neverending Spring. Cuernavaca is gorgeous, green, with flowers everywhere and hot. But we wanted something a bit more “urban”, plus, to have a wedding out of town is expensive, not only for us, but for our guests. So Cuernavaca was a no-no.


A typical Cuernavaca Venue/ Photo by Antonio Saucedo / Venue Rojo Azafrán

Still, we wanted something green and with day light. The city has some lovely gardens and even forests and we checked them out. But the more we researched, the less the garden sounded like a good idea. What? We need to rent the dancefloor? What? The tent is how much? Wait, what? We need a portable power generator?


Desierto de los Leones Forest / Photo via Desierto de los Leones

So we decided to look at some other options. And then it came to us. Downtown! That area is packed with gorgeous colonial buildings, paved streets, old lamps and most important, lots of history.


Bellas Artes Palace, downtown México City / Photo via Flickr / By Arte Mexicano

Sure, we had to change the time of the wedding. Now it will be at night, but I don’t mind. Just to know that our pictures will have those buildings as a backdrop I feel oh-so-happy.


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